I would like to thank you for your interest in Semper Fi Charters for your fishing experience.

 We are located at 475 Maritime drive in Manitowoc, WI. All the charter boats are on “E” dock which is the most northern dock at the marina located north of the boat launch. The SEMPER FI is docked at E7

The temperature out on the lake can be as much as 10-20 degrees cooler than on shore so be sure to dress appropriately. And bring rain gear just in case. You can make the decision before we leave weather or not to bring the rain gear along on the boat. This is very important… Everyone 16 years and older must have a fishing license with the Great lakes Salmon stamp. A paper copy of the license is required on Lake Michigan. Wisconsin offers a 2-day Great Lakes fishing license for $14 for residents and non-residents that includes everything you need. FleetFarm and Walmart are good options for the license. You can also purchase your license online at dnr.wi.gov.

 I always suggest taking over the counter Dramamine at least an hour before launch time. Nothing will ruin your fishing experience faster than getting seasick.

 You can bring food and drinks along with you on the boat, including alcohol. There is plenty of room on the boat down in the cabin to store all your gear. Finally, be sure to bring a cooler (with ice) large enough to take home your days catch. We clean and bag your fish for you after your trip. Please leave the cooler in your vehicle until we are ready to start cleaning your fish for you.

 I offer all active duty, military veterans and first responders $25 off a five-hour trip and $50 off an eight-hour trip. Let me know if you fall into one of these categories when you contact me. Forms of payment excepted are cash or Venmo. Sorry, we do not accept credit cards.

Credit cards can however be used to reserve your date.

Call or Email Captain Bill today to reserve your special day.

[email protected]

(920) 901-0970